We are the busiest auto locksmiths in Brunswick covering all areas of North West so please only call us if you are ready to book an auto locksmith as we are always very busy helping other clients in need.

Lost Car Keys

If you have lost your car key and want it replaced quickly then you have come to the right place. We can create a new car key for 99% of vehicles at the side of the road.

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Car Key Repair

If you car key is playing up, wont start your car or just wont open the door anymore, then please look into getting a car key repair with us and if its possible we will fix it.

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Key Programmed

Sometimes a key can lose its programming meaning it no longer holds the correct code to deactivate the immobiliser. If this happens we can reprogram your car key. 

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We can unlock any locked vehicle for you...

Our auto locksmiths in Brunswick specialise in unlocking vehicle when the keys are locked inside or when the vehicle locks have stopped working and you want us to bypass your security for you you.  

We specialise in unlocking vehicles and this means we can pick pretty much any lock no matter what vehicle you have. From a locked BMW on a carpark in Brunswick to a Ford Transit parked on your driveway, we can pick the lock and open the vehicle for you.

24 hour local call out in Brunswick

24 Hour Callout

You can contact us 24 hours a day for a callout and on occasion where there is a child or animal locked inside a vehicle the we will come out day or night to help you.

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Quick Response

We aim to be with you as quickly as possible after the time you call. We are based in Javea and will be driving over from there so you can calculate the expected arrival time.

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Key Retrieved

We have a certain way of working and our auto locksmiths are told they must operate in this way.  Please take 5 minutes to check our pricing page before calling us. 

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Security Bypass

If your vehicle is locked and your locks are not working properly, then we can provide a security bypass to unlock the vehicle for you. In some bases this may result in damage to the vehicle and you will need to sign to say you understand this before going ahead.

Lock Picking

If there is nothing wrong with your car locks, then there is no reason we can’t unlock your vehicle by picking open the locks using state of the art lock picks that will never cause damage to he lock, enabling you to use your old key as normal after the lock has been picked.

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Our Process

We will provide a quotation over the phone and if this quotation is acceptable, then we will take a small fee on your credit or debit card to secure your appointment then . we will instruct the auto locksmith to take the balance on satisfactory completion of the work.  

All appointment fees are none refundable unless we are unable to complete the work. This is to ensure messers can not book an appointment with us.

When your keys are locked inside your vehicle or your locks don't work then you can call our auto locksmith team

We have many years experience in picking car locks, both here in Brunswick and all over the North West. We understand the inside of car locks and that is why we are able to pick them quickly without any damage. If you are locked out of your vehicle and need the help of our team, then simply pick up the phone and we will give you the next available appointment. We are based in Brunswick but can also help at very short notice in Ardwick, University, Infirmary, Hulme, Ancoats, Moss Side, West Gorton, Manchester, Longsight, Beswick

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Vehicle Security

Modern vehicles are much more secure than vehicles from the past. They now have electronic chips inside the keys which need to be programmed to work with your cars internal computer system or the key wont start the car. 

If you have the correct key for a vehicle and it turns the ignition, then this still wont start the vehicle as it also needs a valid transponder chip. 

Boot Locks

Sometimes an auto locksmith will ask if the key is in the boot or the body of the vehicle. This is because some vehicles have different locks inside the boot which has less springs and can be much harder to pick than the car door. BMW and Mercedes are known for this. 

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Locked Out of Car

If you are locked out of your car anywhere in Brunswick and you need an auto locksmith, then you may need to answer a few questions. This is because some car locksmith can pick vehicles locks and other less experienced ones may need to bypass your security. 

You should always request a locksmith who can pick you car door lock open as this way guarantees there will never be any damage to the vehicle. 

Car Key Duplication

Most modern auto locksmiths can provide a new car key within a few hours by coming to your vehicle, coding the lock and then cutting a key and programming it to start your vehicle. 

Because of this you no longer need to wait a long time for the manufacturers to provide a new key for your vehicle.  

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Ignition Replacement

Ignitions can also be replaced just like car door locks and car keys, but this is sometimes a more costly job as the cost of most ignitions are usually much higher than the door locks. 

You may also be unlucky enough to drive a car which needs a lot of work to remove the ignition barrel.  

Door Lock Replacement

If your door locks are no longer working,  then we can replace them for you. For this to be achieved we will need full information about your vehicle to ensure the correct door locks are ordered.  

We will always try to repair your door lock before replacing it, however in some cases the lock must be replaced rather than repaired.

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Key Programming

Because modern car keys have a chip inside which send a code to the vehicle to let it start, sometimes a vehicle wont start unless you have the correct chip inside the key and its programmed to your car.  

We can do this for 99% of all cars so no matter what you drive there is a 99% chance we can program the key and get you back on the road today

Key Replacement

In some cases a car key is beyond repair and needs replacing by a local expert auto locksmith in Brunswick. If fo any reason your car key needs replacing, then you should consider the company that is doing it very carefully.

We look forward to providing you with a new car key at your earliest convenience. 

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Key Repair

If you car key stops working or has been dropped in water and no longer starts or opens your car, then a simple repair may be all that is needed. In most cases we can repair your car key at your home or office so you don’t need to put yourself out. 

If you prefer you can bring your car key to any local auto locksmith and they will provide a key repair over the counter for you. 

Vehicle Unlocking

When you keys are locked inside your car or your locks wont work so you can’t open your vehicle then you can assured we can unlock your vehicle and help get you back on the road today.  

Do not panic because no matter what vehicle you drive we can pick the locks on it and get you back on the road today.

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